“Like” Farming

Posted on March 20, 2014 by admin in Articles

Does this sound familiar ?   “Can I have a million likes… I beat cancer…”.    Heartwarming pictures depicting heartstring tugging moments with similar captions widely circulate in social media.   The same exact pictures are often copied, reused and posted by entirely different individuals.    The picture itself may even be contrived.



When you click “Like”, you’re not doing anything for the person or content in the picture.  You’re endorsing the person that posted that picture.    Anyone can post any picture right ?   So how do you know if the person posting the picture has anything to do with the content of the picture ?

Minimally, when you click “Like”, your contact information is harvested and the social media ranking of the posting person gets artificially inflated.    Worse yet, the posting page may be edited and sold to others after gaining followers.   Let’s not perpetuate such abuse or exploitation.

Here are a few good references:



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